Sustainability Guided by Envision

The Gaffat Community Preschool Project represents the first application of the Envision framework in Africa

A Preschool for 450 Children

Gaffat Community Preschool Debre Tabor, Ethiopia 


Providing high quality early childhood education gives children the foundational tools to become lifelong learners, problem solvers and community builders.


Designed to study programs, gather information, apply and integrate into practice using two schools as our model institutions. 

We believe children learn best when their culture, community, traditions and environment are used as the vessel to transmit knowledge.


Projects Completed

Phase 1, Project Alpha: Shimbit Elementary

Early Education Ethiopia is grounded in applied research to inform practice, policy and advocacy. As such, the objective for Project Alpha is designed to engage in deep program study, gather data, apply and integrate into practice.

Phase 2, Project Beta: Community Pre School Debre Tabor

Early Childhood Education Ethiopia is building the first community preschool in Debre Tabor, Ethiopia. Located in South Gondar, Debre Tabor, has an approximate population of 88,000 people of which represent children under 8 years old.

  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Teacher and Parent Training
  • Program and Policy Advisory


Our Gebeta Masters!

Early Childhood Education Ethiopia is committed to creating play-enabling environments. Children at ECEE supported outdoor learning environment playing Gebeta in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. 

Why Support ECEE Projects?


  • More than 55% of preschool children in Ethiopia do not have access to an early childhood education program
  • Our work is focused in rural Ethiopia where the need is the highest
  • 41.3% of preschool children fall in the severe category under the Global Hidden Hunger Index
  • Existing early learning centers are environmentally compromised, outdated, and without basic amenities
  • ECEE builds high-quality early learning programs for all children with a whole-child approach
  • Our approach is comprehensive, embraces indigenous education systems, using play as a curriculum driver while embedding the tenets of Social Emotional Learning

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We are always looking for partners, investors and idea bloomers. If you are someone who is committed to improving and advancing the education of young children, contact us.


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Early Childhood Education Ethiopia is a 501 (c) (3) organization with federal tax ID number (EIN) 84-4243275