Phase II

Project Beta

Build and Expand

Using data gathered from Project Alpha, we will start our expansion project by developing preschools that will serve children ages 3-7 coming from underserved communities in rural Ethiopia. We will start our capacity building in Debre Tabor, Ethiopia. This program will serve 450 children. During the next three years, the organization aims to reduce the number of out-of-school children in rural Ethiopia.

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

A meeting with Anthony Kane, CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. Our discussion focused on ECEE’s  Community Preschool Project in Debre Tabor, Ethiopia, our indigenous approach, which leads with sustainability in mind at every step of this early learning program. We are excited to form this significant relationship and look forward to a sustainable future.

Project Beta: Building the First Community Preschool in Ethiopia

Early Childhood Education Ethiopia is building the first community preschool in Debre Tabor, Ethiopia. Currently, Gafat’s  KG or Preschool program has a very high ratio, the classroom environments are overused and lack basic necessities that ensure children have what they need to learn, play and grow. We have spoken to parents, community members, and administrators who have extensively shared the challenges from access, to nutrition, and instruction including providing the right environment for children.  

Gaffat Community Preschool, Debre Tabor, Ethiopia

Phase One Construction in Pictures