Providing high quality early childhood education gives children the foundational tools to become lifelong learners, problem solvers and community builders.


Designed to study programs, gather information, apply and integrate into practice using two schools as our model institutions. 


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Dr. Hawani Negussie


I have been fortunate enough to spend most of my adult life around children. The world of children is promising, wondrous, spirited and joyful. Growing up in Ethiopia, I stood witness to my mother who was  invested in the lives of women and children. I vividly remember her relentless mission to improve child and maternal health throughout Ethiopia. Early influences matter, and it’s a string of such events that has led me to this profession that I love and deeply respect.
A defining moment came some years back in Ethiopia, while spending time within preschool classrooms in Addis Abeba and its vicinity. During my interactions with parents, teachers, administrators including supervisors, I observed compounding issues surrounding early childhood education, in areas of daily practice, student learning outcome, access, enrollment, quality, equity and teacher training.

It was a culmination of such experiences related to program limitations, navigational barriers and challenges to existing early learning infrastructure, that gave context to the idea of adopting a PK-16 (Preschool- College) approach to early childhood education program development in Ethiopia. Through applied research, a comprehensive plan with a whole-child approach, extensive study of current programs and using indigenous knowledge as the base for solutions; we can guide practice and influence policy. Further, by supporting existing schools and creating new programs countrywide, we can break the cycle of poverty through quality early childhood education.  There is a lot of strength in Ethiopia, a surplus of local intellect, wonderful teachers that go above and beyond including parents that make ends meet with little to no income, while giving their children that eternal hope towards the future.

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  • Only 45% of preschool children in Ethiopia have access to an early childhood education program
  • 7.7 million (4-7 years old)
  • 10 million (0-3 years old)
  • 41.3% of preschool children fall in the severe category under the Global Hidden Hunger Index
  • 38.4%  of children under 5 are stunted
  • 1 in 15 children die before age 5
  • 7 in 10 of the deaths occur during infancy

Providing quality early childhood education to all children, especially to those that come from underserved or compromised communities, is proven to have the highest impact in all areas of development and future outcome.

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