Early Childhood Education Ethiopia Fundraiser Gala 2022

Early Childhood Education Ethiopia Fundraiser Gala 2022

September Fundraiser Gala

Thank you to all our supporters, friends, family members, and donors who made the first fundraiser gala on September 17, a success! It is through your generosity that we get closer to our goal and realize our vision of putting more children in high-quality preschools throughout Ethiopia. Children in rural Ethiopia face compounding challenges brought on by inequitable opportunities, but together we can change that by providing access to early learning programs, nutrition, play-based activities, and meaningful partner engagement opportunities. We are grateful you have joined us on this monumental journey, thank you!

Sister Meheret Kanna

2022 Children Champions Award Recipient

Sister Meheret Kanna’s commitment to the well-being of children and women, specifically her contribution to child and maternal health among her countless efforts to improve systems throughout Ethiopia will be forever treasured by the country she loves and served, Ethiopia. Her career span several decades holding key positions including the first female president of the Red Cross, Matron at ALERT Hospital, Head Nurse of Tena Tibeka, Head of the Public Health College which is now the University of Gondar, and Children Health and Nutritionist coordinator during the famine in the mid-’80s. Her commitment to excellence in all that she 
Early Childhood Education Ethiopia is honored to give the first Children Champions Award to Sister Meheret Kanna.

Courage, Perseverance, Dedication, Passion!

Running for the Cause- Iyob Tessema 

 Iyob Tessema is widely known for the record-breaking marathons he has successfully completed and for several awards and recognition he has received from notable organizations in the health and fitness industry. But more than that, he is passionate and committed to supporting organizations that improve the lives of others, especially those working with children. This year, Iyob’s passion has led him to Early Childhood Education Ethiopia where he will run to raise awareness and funds. We are grateful and sincerely appreciate Iyob’s championing the work ECEE is engaged in. This collaboration amplifies the need to realize the mission to bring high-quality early learning programs to rural Ethiopia. Join us in supporting Iyob at the Boston Marathon next April.  You can read more by visiting: https://laenduranceconsulting.org/about

“The future is designed by what we do for children today” ECEE. Let’s invest in high quality early learning programs in rural Ethiopia. Support our efforts in reducing the number of children out of preschool.

Let’s give every child, the right start!

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Teacher Training Series

Teacher Training Series

Kenubish Jenberu KG-1 Preschool Teacher

I was reluctant to do lesson plans, I felt it was so burdensome because we were never trained or supported on the process, but now I am excited and not afraid to do it” Kenubish Jenberu (March 2022).  Kenubish represents a large number of early education professionals with years of experience in the preschool classroom that is unmatched, profoundly instructive and an asset to the learning environment. Kenubish uses songs, repetitions, and deep care for who children are to teach her students. Children learn best when first and foremost, the teacher is fully invested in who they are and uses their background knowledge to build their heart before expanding the mind. 

Kenubish is one of the  KG1 or preschool teachers at Shimbit Elementary School in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, where Early Childhood Education Ethiopia launched its first phase, project alpha. The true mark of a teacher is their willingness to always learn, that a classroom is a place where knowledge freely flows from child to teacher and teacher to child. During the third session of training where there was a practical lesson planning exercise and group work provided by ECEE, Kenubish presented her lesson plan, fully informed by the environment, children’s interests, and her strength as a teacher. We can only improve children’s early education when we also invest in the knowledge-base of teachers. We look forward to learning from teachers like kenubish, while we provide training and professional development. 

Strengthening the Teacher’s Role

At the beginning of the year,  Early Childhood Education Ethiopia began providing training on various topics and subjects. Our continued focus and commitment to Shimbit  Elementary School KG program provided the platform for collaborative lesson planning training with teachers. Our discussion started by engaging all stakeholders which included teachers, school administrators, trainers, support staff, area district supervisors, and representatives from the local education bureau. The candid conversation on the challenges related to resources, compensation, gaps in training, education opportunities, private vs public early education center, o-class, absence of teaching manuals, the readiness-focused curriculum designed for output rather comprehension was informative on many levels. 

Starting with the existing methods employed by the program to advise lesson plans, we discussed ways to enhance the learning. Central to lesson planning is understanding children’s interests, likes, and wants through observation. Teachers were able to use their outside learning environment, critically reflect on the current methods of lesson planning and integrate the strategies introduced by ECEE on how to design lesson plans that are child-focused and begin with what is around them. 

Building on Existing Asset

Teachers bring to the classroom a wealth of knowledge most of it gained from experience. Training approaches that are built leveraging this knowledge often yield a meaningful result. The KG teachers at Shimbit  Elementary school, are now employing a variety of modalities to deliver lessons. We encouraged teachers to observe as much as possible, apply what was assigned to them, and implement the Early Childhood Education Ethiopia lesson planning methods, they brainstormed, embraced, shared with peers and they look forward to learning more. 

Pictures from ECEE’s Lesson Planning Training

We thank you for your continued support! 

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