Phase III

Project Gamma

Workforce Development

Early Childhood Education Ethiopia’s mission and vision include providing children with high-quality early education programs. We believe quality in early education begins with qualified teachers. In phase, III- Project Gamma will focus on putting together a comprehensive workforce development plan to assist in transforming the educator sector in the field of early childhood education in Ethiopia.

Guiding Principle # 10

We believe quality early education starts with qualified, innovative, loving, nurturing, and educated teachers.



Teacher Engagement, Education & Training

Teacher, engagement, education, and training are central to ECEE’s overall mission and vision. By developing a needs assessment through direct discussions and program assessment, we can create strategies and methodologies that support the workforce by integrating the gifts and attributes early education teachers come within the classroom. 

Teacher Engagement is key to program success. Providing bi-directional training to caregivers and staff, knowledge sharing, and closing the gap in collaborative consistent and applicable training sessions.