Title: Raising Indigenous Intellectualism in Early Childhood through Agricultural Education in Ethiopia

Seminar Recording

Join us for a dialogue on the importance of embedding the tenets of Ethiopia’s indigenous agricultural systems in curriculum and instruction during the early years. Early Childhood Education Ethiopia, is committed to empowering the next generation of children to fully understand, utilize and contribute toward food security not only in their immediate community but also in the country and the larger continent of Africa.
As an organization, we are deeply rooted in investing in the first five years of life. As such, we are laying the foundational work of providing the space for children to gain early conceptual knowledge of what it means to grow your food, own your food, and become the driver of agricultural gains in Ethiopia. Our aim and objective with this seminar are to amplify the strategic role of agricultural education in the PK-16 paradigm in order to achieve food security and surpass sustainability goals.